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How it works

Sign up and KYC

In order to participate in sales on NEXFI, you must sign up and KYC first. You can still stake and earn NFI without registering.

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Verify Wallet

Once you have registered and submitted your KYC, you must verify your wallet. This is the only wallet you will be able to use for sales.

Verify Wallet

Stake NFI

By staking NFI, you earn NFI, you earn MP, and get advantages on the platform. If you do not want to participate in sales, you can still benefit from staking.

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Register for Sale

During the registration period, you must confirm your interest in participation. Once registration closes, you will not be able to register until the next sale.

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For Investors
Confident Investments

Join the growing community of confident investors and let NEXFI launchpad propel your investment portfolio to new heights. With our investor-focused approach and commitment to transparency, we are here to support you on your investment journey.

Where confidence meets investment innovation.
For Teams
Raise Right, Start Right

Our platform is built to empower teams like yours. We go beyond just facilitating fundraising; we provide a comprehensive ecosystem designed to support your project's success. With NEXFI launchpad, you can count on us to deliver what you need, when you need it.

The NEXFI platform is dedicated to making sure teams receive what they need while establishing strong, positive momentum.


As the IDO space has experienced exponential growth, the number of new projects has exploded. In this new landscape, a premium is being placed on selecting and investing in only the best projects. Our new incubator program will select and support the most promising teams and projects, giving them marquee status across our ecosystem of launchpads.

If you have an idea for a project or are working on one and would like to apply for incubation, click on the button below.


Our team

Our team's primary mission is to bring only the highest quality projects onto Casper Network and create inroads for new users to experience its truly novel technology and potential.

Andy Potapov
Front-end Engineer

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